Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. We are not in the business of selling, renting, trading, nor disclosing any of your personally identifiable information. None of your personal information, including stress levels, practice history, or private comments will be shared with any other party without your consent.

Your stress data and practice history may be aggregated with other users to be used in evaluating the success of the program, impact of individual practices, use of features, compliance measurements, and overall stress reduction. This is used by Stress Refuge to improve the program and features going forward and for marketing purposes.

Aggregated data may also be used by a partner or employer to evaluate their participation in providing the app to its members. At times, studies may be conducted for a partner or employer that would require limited individual information of its members. If you take part in a study for a partner or an employer sponsored program, you will be specifically be given a chance to opt-in after seeing the exact individual data to be shared. At no time will any individual information be shared without your express consent.

We collect your email address. This is used to uniquely identify you so that you can access your stored data from multiple devices. We may also use this email address to:

  • Provide you with important information or reminders related to your use of the product
  • Keep you informed of new releases of our products
  • Make infrequent special offers of directly relevant content that we extend only to our registered customers.

Any emails containing special offers will include a link to usubscribe to opt-out of future marketing emails.

We may use third parties for tools or analytical software to automatically collect and use certain anonymous data that does not directly enable us to identify you. The types of anonymous data that we may collect and use include device properties, such as unique device identifier or other device identifier ("UDID"); device software platform and firmware, mobile phone carrier, geographical data such as zip code, area code and location; and other anonymous data to help us enhance our products and services.

In addition, our third parties may collect the following data: User ID (for your service), latitude and longitude (obfuscated by the third parties to state/city), gender, age, events, errors, and page views. Finally, we see your IP address, device type, locale and time zone. Our third parties may use this data to enable demographic and customer-created segment advertising targeting. We can also record errors that occur in your applications and receive an export of data containing the error information.

We may also sometimes engage agents or contractors to perform services necessary to our operations (for example, delivery of products, distribution of e-mail, etc.). When we do, we may give them access to name, addresses or other information necessary for them to do their job for us to be used only in the performance of those duties and not for any other purpose.

If you purchase a full-length program through our Shop within the app or on, you are transferred to our partner, Sounds True for fulfillment of your order. Your credit card information is gathered on their secure page and is encrypted. None of your credit card information is available to Stress Refuge. They also gather your email address and other general information needed to create an account with Sounds True. They have agreed to refrain from directly marketing to you (unless you have also registered on and to refrain from sharing, selling, trading or disclosing your personally identifiable information.